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Oral cleaning

At the Clinica Dental Padros we know that the best treatment is the one we never have to effect. This is why we offer some advice on keeping your teeth strong and healthy, in short, keeping your mouth healthy which is a synonym for oral health.

We have made an area available to demonstrate to you and guide you in training, for adults as much as children, in effective teeth brushing to ensure good oral health, including care of the tongue and the gums. We instruct on the correct handling of electric toothbrushes and interproximal brushes, of dental floss and oral irrigators. We instruct on an adequate diet for each patient. We even advise on the subject of baby teeth. In short, everything related to oral health and oral hygiene.

Oral cleaning 

To control the bacterial plaque and ensure that microorganisms cannot collect on dental apparatus we depend on the excellence of the hygienist and the use of the best ultrasound apparatus on the market (prolonged vibration, slow period and an abundance of mouth rinsing with tepid water), which can minimize discomfort and result in effective change to ensure the best oral hygiene and dental-oral hygiene.

It is appropriate to complete the cleaning with polishing, fluorification and subgingival rinsing as it is at this moment that they prove most effective in reducing post-operatory sensitivity and favour the recovery of inflamed gums and preventing cavities.

We hope that this advice has helped you in understanding what oral hygiene is and leads you towards achieving magnificent dental health.

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